Do not write Dalvik Android applications

First I implore you not to write an Android Application. i.e. a Java dalvik .apk.

Most developers require Geolocation and you can easily achieve Geolocation in the Android browser. The Web on mobile is the future!

Other reasons not to develop Dalvik applications

  • Google's Market has no upgrade mechanism. The Web has painless seamless upgrades by default. Why choose anything else than giving your users continuous improvement everyday?
  • The Web works on more devices and computers than Dalvik ever will -- the Web is device independent!
  • The Android market allows you to market your application to several certain countries. Choose a Web application and your market is the world!
  • Want to create bookmarks to your Web application from the homescreen? Use the Gears shortcut mechanism! (disabled by Google in Cupcake)
  • Choose from a larger pool of Web developers, to develop your idea for the mobile platform!
  • Does the Web miss a critical device API for your application? Tell the W3C about your requirements.

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