After rooting my UK T-mobile G1 and then flashing with JesusFreke’s ADP 1.5, I was able to install android wifi tether.

Previously I tethered using the adb forward tcp:1080 tcp:1080 socks trick, but that sucked because:

  • DNS didn't work
  • if it did, you could only use HTTP easily
  • bit of a pain to setup

Ideally I would have liked to tether via a USB cable, though I couldn't quite figure out how to create a USB based network. Anyway a Wireless access point (AP) is better for sharing and being social, though it does need to be physically tethered to a power source since the device sucks battery juice whilst tethering.

Ad-hoc Wireless Networking Debian to the Android G1

This is a bit tricky, as I couldn't seem to get a DHCP IP over ad-hoc mode. So here I set up everything manually, after inspecting the device with adb shell ifconfig tiwlan0.

I added to /etc/network/interfaces:

iface wlan0 inet static
    wireless-essid G1mobile # configure this in 'Wifi tether' on your G1
    wireless-mode ad-hoc
    dns-nameservers # you need to install [resolvconf](

And commented out the existing wpasupplicant configuration. Next sudo ifup wlan0 and you should be away.

Comparing England's T-mobile, Orange and Vodafone 3G

I borrowed a Vodafone SIM card, but I couldn't get it working until I manually chose the Vodafone network and setup the APN with wap crap: user: wap pass: wap

T-mobile don't use the loaded legacy wap word, but their APN is confusingly called ''. User: 't-mobile', Pass: 'tm'. I need to experiment with APNs as I hope I get around content transformation and crappy looking images.

Orange nicely just requires 'orangeinternet' to hop on. They give Vodafone a run for their money from Guildford! Orange also don't seem to run content through any transformation on my test. So images look decent! Orange WINS!

Just 12 months of poor T-mobile service to go of my 18 month contract... then PAYG for me! PAYG deals for mobile data are getting seriously reasonable of late. So much so, I might switch SIMs where I know T-mobile will suck.

I'm not quite certain if the aforemnetioned APNs are HSDPA. The 3G icon is present on Android during all the tests.

Wifi tether


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