Companion video on the issues I have with Docker

In an attempt to improve my previous Docker container update workflow, I want to write my notes on how I develop Dockerfiles et al.

First I find the source repository of the Docker image I'm interested in.

For example →

I then fork that into my repo and clone it, into for example ~/tmp/caddy-docker.

Typically I would make changes to the Dockerfile. Then:

  1. Run a build docker build -t WIP .
  2. Run it docker run -d --name caddy -p 2015:2015 -t WIP
  3. See it running with docker ps
  4. Run a shell like so: docker exec -i -t caddy sh
  5. Stop it like so docker kill caddy
  6. To start it again docker start caddy
  7. Remove it like so docker rm caddy

Hopefully I then have a Dockerfile I like.

I then docker login and push my image to the Docker hub and perhaps test on a production CoreOS machine.

When satisfied I commit the changes to my git repo and create a PR.

Unsolved issues of my workflow

I would like to git diff changes in the running Docker filesystem.

I would like to examine files in the Docker images without shelling in.


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