~$ python2 -c "import django; print(django.get_version())"

Using python2.

  • tutorial is good - I think
  • This app within a project, but an app can be in many projects seems a bit wierd. Prefer just "app" (KISS).
  • Where's the .gitignore file and the Dockerfile?
  • sqlite seems fine, so at what point is it worth taking the leap to postgres? Really not looking forward to devops headaches here
  • manage.py is good. manage.py runserver auto-reloading is great. So is the debug. So is the shell (didn't expect that!).
  • admin interface is great, except for that wierd --------- default action. I hope I can fine tune it though.
  • change history in the admin interface is a very welcome surprise. But sadly if the change didn't happen in the admin interface it's not tracked. :(
  • the double underscore thing was a bit jarring.
  • following the tutorial, i.e. copying and pasting into vim was a gigantic PITA. there must be a better way. Remembering to :set paste... arghghghgh
  • the vim django tips on the wiki are good. ditched python-mode for syntastic and I'm happier (for some minutes)
  • Noticed that Django community can't seem to decide on a project layout

How do you figure out that reverse comes from from django.core.urlresolvers import reverse? Need something like goimports!

  • the power of the admin page make me think I should be using that as a basis of my customer facing forms.
  • the section on reusable apps was bit beyond remit of a tutorial I feel. Are all these Github search results sort of apps I can drop into my project?

  • struggling to understand how models.py maps to JSON schema


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