on n900

Despite my initial disappointment with the Nokia N900, I enjoyed working on the device today. He's what I learnt about Maemo5.

  • Update the device straight away. It takes an hour or so (30 mins to download, 30 mins to actually APPLY). :/ You need at least 2.2009.51
  • Enable extras in application manager
  • Install openssh server and client and set root password
  • Find ip from terminal /sbin/ifconfig
  • Put ip into your machine's /etc/hosts under n900
  • ssh-copy-id root@n900
  • Add deb fremantle free non-free to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/that-is-not-ham.list
  • apt-get install rsync and other stuff that you fancy :)
  • ctrl+shift+p to take a screenshot
  • rsync -art root@n900:/home/user/MyDocs/.images/Screenshots . to get the screenshots

WTF .images ?? See this blog and blame GNU.

Web application development on maemo

Nokia-N900-42-11:~$ cat ~/.mozilla/microb/user.js

Now tail -f /home/user/MyDocs/browser-logfile.txt and you get the invaluable JSconsole.

Thanks to #maemo and especially timeless for addressing my complaints and increasing my Nokia brand loyalty. :)


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