Published: Sunday, Apr 15, 2012 Last modified: Monday, May 27, 2024

What does a FAQ need?

  1. A table of contents listing the questions
  2. A way to hyperlink the question

Unfortunately most FAQs seem to fail to do this. To save you time doing this by hand, I have written toc, a tool that creates a table of contents from your headers with id anchors.

Here is a Makefile I use on my Websites:

INFILES = $(shell find . -name "*.src.html")
OUTFILES = $(INFILES:.src.html=.html)
TEMP:= $(shell mktemp -u /tmp/web.XXXXXX)

all: $(OUTFILES)

%.html: %.src.html
	m4 -PEIinc $< > $(TEMP)
	toc $(TEMP) > $@
	rm -f $(TEMP)

	rm -f $(OUTFILES)

PHONY: all clean

m4 is used for inserting footers and such.