Published: Sunday, Nov 9, 2014 Last modified: Monday, Apr 8, 2024

23:19 <hendry> biggest feature missing for me is dockers lack of vhosting support. hosting off a random port is a bit silly, no?
23:20 <dstufft> hendry: you can't generically do vhosting
23:24 <hendry> dstufft: not quite sure why vhosting is SUCH a hard feature
23:24 <niloc132> hendry: for a start, its http-specific
23:26 <dstufft> and even for the protocols that do support a vhost feature, there isn't a standard protocol agnostic way of getting that information
23:26 <exarkun> You can set up your own vhosting in a container.  Docker doesn't /have/ to support it.  So it's probably better if Docker doesn't, given the lack of a single, obvious, complete (ie, supporing all protocols) solution.
23:26 <exarkun> And you can find lots of http vhosting images out there now because people do want to do this and have already solved the problem.
23:27 <hendry> i don't want to solve it in the container. I guess I need to study some nginx reverse proxy thing
23:27 <dstufft> nginx can do it
23:27 <dstufft> or haproxy
23:27 <dstufft> or any number of things
23:28 <dstufft> I like haproxy for it, it's a pretty good tool
23:28 <exarkun> Do you have a reason that you don't want to solve it in a container?  The way you state it, it sounds like an arbitrary constraint.
23:28 <hendry> dstufft: why haproxy over nginx?
23:28 <hendry> exarkun: because i would be building more complexity in my container that i want to keep dead simple? or is the functionality running in another seperate container?
23:29 <dstufft> hendry: haproxy isn't HTTP specific, so if you find yourself wanting to do more you don't need to drop in another thing to handle it
23:29 <dstufft> it would be running in another seperate container
23:29 <hendry> dstufft: everything i do is HTTP.... (though does Websockets run over port 80/443?)
23:29 <exarkun> hendry: As dstufft said, *not* in your container.
23:30 <exarkun> That's the point.  Independent, composeable units.  Containers.
23:30 <hendry> exarkun: can you point to such a solution for a container to dispatch vhosts IIUC to another container ?
23:30 <exarkun> You can find one with two minutes of Googleing, I think.
23:31 <hendry> "vhost docker container" not looking good
23:33 <hendry> not looking great either
23:33 <hendry> exarkun: i give up
23:35 <exarkun> To your credit, you did spend three minutes.
23:35 <exarkun> I don't know what more effort anyone could be asked to expend than that.
23:36 <exarkun> (I'm certainly not going to!)
23:37  * hendry sighs