Google Pixel 4a Repair cost in Singapore

The real challenge for the Pixel phone is the after market repair cost

Published: Tuesday, Nov 17, 2020 Last modified: Monday, Apr 8, 2024

The 499SGD Pixel 4a (128 GB, Just Black, Unlocked) and 60SGD Pixel 4a Fabric Case (Blue Confetti) was dropped by my busy helper, resulting in the screen being cracked:

If you crack your iPhone 6/7 screen in down town Singapore, you should be able to repair the device in about an hour of the accident for 80SGD from a variety of after market vendors.

Pixel repair Singapore

Through a pointless 30 minute Google Chat were I needed to type in several IMEI numbers, I found only one Pixel repair vendor in Singapore called CTDi.

CTDi charge 128SGD for a screen replacement and it takes 1 Business day to process the repair. So you would need to visit their office in Aperia Mall to submit and collect it.

How much is your time worth?


There is no screen replacement kit available upon iFixit as yet.