Thinkpad vs M1

M1 boasts breakthrough hardware, with a poor developer experience

Published: Monday, Jul 26, 2021 Last modified: Monday, Apr 8, 2024


The Lenovo buying experience was awful.

Keyboard / Mouse

About the same actually.

The M1 Trackpad is far superior. I need an external mouse with the Thinkpad.



I was impressed by the Ryzen oompf, but tbh I was not super satisfied with Video acceleration.

M1 feels very fast.


However these “Discharging” events don’t get reported to udevadm monitor!


Microphone / Camera / Speakers

T14s microphone is unusable. So is the camera. Speakers are better than I remember previous Thinkpads had, but still woeful compared to the MBA M1.



Admittedly the T14s would get hot on challenging workloads, like playing games. But under normal browser + terminal workloads, I found it fine. Though it was easy to put it over the edge… perhaps by running Slack or running Firefox/Chrome together. :/

M1 wins. It doesn’t even have a fan. You can actually use this laptop on your lap.


Both have two USB-C ports. T14s has two extra USB-As. Win for Thinkpad!

Tbh if the Thinkpad had a network port and a SD card reader, I would sing the heavens of it.


M1 run MacOS and FCPX / Safari are beautifully optimised for it. But don’t forget Safari sucks for the Web!

T14s can run any OS, and I’ve chosen Archlinux btw.

Fans of Apple Silicon are working to port Linux to it: … it’s not there yet


Despite the M1’s hardware being amazing, I just hate brew over pacman/yay. I hate the bewildering MacOS window manager and the stupid animations I can’t turn off. I hate the xcode nonsense. I hate not being in control of the software. I hate being someone’s bitch when it comes to software choices. That said, you can workaround the contempt for developers with a whole bunch of tweaks, that would probably take more time for me to apply than install Archlinux on a Thinkpad.

Would I install Linux if I could? Probably not. I actually like to see what’s going on in MacOS, and to importantly use Photos and FCPX, which I am sadly reliant upon for my pictures and videos!

So what’s your next Linux laptop? idk. Not Apple hardware.

Tbh my idea of late is to build a quiet team Red PC. When I’m out and about, I’ll only take the M1 with me.