Post-Pandemic Office Space

The office space my team needs is for intense collaboration

Published: Sunday, Jul 24, 2022 Last modified: Monday, Apr 8, 2024

Office for collaboration

Problem: We need a venue to ramp up collaboration of teams in our post-pandemic world in the limited time we have.

Solution: Re-imagine offices for team work and team bonding. Private rooms for different teams for intense collaboration that can also support remote collaboration.


During COVID-19 working from home became the norm. Team work has suffered.

We realize we need to bond. We need the opportunity to intensively work together around a table.

Barring annual conferences, summits and such, ideally we need to use office space as a way of ramping up a team.

Teams need private rooms with a large table; with a large shared monitor / screen and conferencing capabilities for remote members to dial in. There should be docking stations for external inputs.

Sound proofing is needed to minimise interruptions, and allow productivity and focus.


I have yet to come across an office design that has cracked it. For example, I’ve noticed that LinkedIn office redesign looks at best being able to privately take calls away from your “shared/social” desk. This is not conducive for team work. An open office space does not work!

We don’t need offices to become like home; we need offices for face to face team work and bonding.