Container Lifecycle

Container repository tagging for Build Once, Deploy Anywhere

Published: Thursday, Apr 27, 2023 Last modified: Monday, Jul 15, 2024

In a Docker container delivery CI/CD pipeline with BODA, we need to promote the container image artifact from one environment to the next, instead of building from source.

Once the artifact life is up, we need to clean it up, expire it. Though the image artifact must not be expired whilst in use, causing a common CannotPullContainerError outage.

What are our requirements?

  1. A clear mapping to the commit SHA that was used to build the image
  2. The digest of the image, which cannot change whilst being promoted
  3. Whether the image whilst on its path to production is tested or signed off on
  4. Nice to have: We need to know which image is now running in production
  5. Nice to have: We need to know which image was running in production for a rollback

Proposal 1: add and remove Docker image tags on centralised ECR

lifecycle rule: expire | imageCountMoreThan (10) | untagged

Warning: Tags can only be removed via crane or the AWS cli on AWS

Idea is that the nominated staging image is additionally tagged crane tag foo/bar:daf46a8f prd, and then deployed.

+ aws ecr describe-images --repository-name foo/bar
+ jq -r '.imageDetails[] | [.imageDigest,  (try .imageTags | join(","))] | @tsv'
sha256:8caf9a1922de4c1173c9548bbe6e16933d11607475d82270ac89d8ba44d22d82 abde943-dirty
sha256:834fff42bfddbba1e4bcbfe168f502b842d9bcea81b1119fbd10b527375d1d29 848e4a70
sha256:79fbe50e1449a80d15c50e4ac2c03389a9d98387993436b582128d89721aa14b e87888e0
sha256:327adcb41f31b44702b081d60fbe466e990e126046321182db7e909d6c34832b ae4eabeb
sha256:d21168f92e82f278da73c32d2cb364bafc193fc2b714a85ec74cbb327f3b5263 daf46a8f,prd
sha256:46a20b6daf239bbbb99098066f9bc649901b72760d3c7044349ffbec1cc86525 d3ac0173

Once sha256:d21168f92e82f278da73c32d2cb364bafc193fc2b714a85ec74cbb327f3b5263 is replaced in production say by 848e4a70 tagged image, sha256:d21168f92e82f278da73c32d2cb364bafc193fc2b714a85ec74cbb327f3b5263 tags "daf46a8f,prd" are removed.

The untagged images are then expired once imageCountMoreThan is 10.



Proposal 2: Add another ECR per environment

lifecycle rule: expire | imageCountMoreThan (10)