Mikrotik Wifi6

WifiWave2 is the new wifi6 implementation from Mikrotik. It has some nasty surprises.

Published: Saturday, Nov 11, 2023 Last modified: Monday, Jul 15, 2024

Problems with wifi6 with Mikrotik.

The new WifiWave2 aka wifi6 implementation in Mikrotik has some nasty surprises.

wifiwave’s Capsman is not compatible with the older Capsman.

Now you have to run two controllers affectively. From Mikrotik 7.13 you will be able to run both. At time of writing, this is not possible on current stable.

Capsman behaves differently

The configuration is different, so you have to come up with a new configuration

Isn’t able to provision the local radio on the same device

You have to manually do this, and spend time wondering why it didn’t work like any other mikrotik before.

/interface/wifiwave/radio provision=0,1

The cap isn’t routing

Does it need local fowarding like the older capsman? No, this time it needs:

/interface/wifiwave2/cap set slaves-datapath=datapath_record

And for some reason the cap wouldn’t take on the new configuration, unless reset.

Mikrotik’s wifi6 doesn’t work with my Thinkpad

As explained on the Mikrotik forum

The thinkpad doesn’t have an issue wifi6 from Ubiquiti…

My two Capsman controller configurations