What Tesla owners want

When Tesla owners stay the night away from home, they need to be catered for

Published: Wednesday, Sep 6, 2023 Last modified: Sunday, Jun 9, 2024

Covered car park

Teslas are not happy by default under the bright sun. They will activate Cabin Overheat protection which will drain the battery.

If you do offer a garage, it needs to be on the larger side…

A larger car park

Teslas demand a little more space, especially the Model Y, not just because they are bigger, it’s that one often needs to setup a thick charging cable.

Ideally the parking location is without foot traffic, to avoid people tripping up on said cable, though also to avoid triggering Sentry mode which will again drain the battery.

Simple pricing on the destination charger

If you do offer charging, do please build the cost into the rental!

It’s so bewildering to go to random destintations for them to tell you it costs 30GBP for minimum of three hours, and for every additional hour 10GBP there after. You want us to enjoy the holiday when we have to account for that?!

Then add on complex idle costs?

A typical 7kw charger at a destination will very unlikely consume more than 20GBP of electricity in a day!

If you offer a destination charger, build the cost into the rental. Please make it simple!

Bonus points: Wifi

Teslas receive updates frequently, every month and wifi is needed.

Tesla update

Often parking spaces are not covered by Wifi access points. I encourage you to install an outdoor AP like the wAP ac, else you can sometimes extend the range temporarily using an Android device:

Found something I like about Android, you can hotspot a WiFi hotspot, ie create a WiFi extender adhoc pic.twitter.com/hE9VHIdY4w

— Kai Hendry (@kaihendry) August 29, 2023