Macbook Air M2 Repair attempt

Attempt to repair a Macbook Air M2 that shows a cursor on the black screen

Published: Friday, Apr 26, 2024 Last modified: Monday, Jul 15, 2024

My wife’s Macbook Air M2, Model A2681, bought on 2022-07-08 for 2149SGD, failed to come out of suspend on the 2024-04-24. When you turn it on, it shows a black screen with a cursor. The cursor moves when you move the trackpad, but nothing else happens. The keyboard is unresponsive, and the screen remains black.

Macbook Air M2 cursor on black screen

According to the “Coverage Expired”. Bit dissapointing to have less than two years warranty.

Attempt to repair via DFU mode

This took a while to figure out, and needed a working Mac to do so!

We accomplished the How to revive or restore Mac firmware instructions from Apple, but it still exhibits the same issue.

Revived Macbook Air M2

Attempt to repair via technician appointment

Via the Web chat service we opened a case and booked an appointment at the Apple Store in Plymouth Saturday, 27 April, 11:20.

Plymouth Apple Store at Drake circus

The technician at the Apple Store in Plymouth, UK, diagnosed the issue as a faulty screen.

repair estimate

The repair cost was 550GBP, but thankfully since the device was less than two years old, it was covered under warranty.

Worryingly the trade in value for the pristine device is 655GBP!

trade in value

We had to leave the device that Saturday and it was ready for collection on the following Tuesday.


Overall I am satisified with the good service and repair. Hate to think of what Lenovo would do.

However two things bothered me about this repair:

  1. The hard drive is soldered onto the motherboard, so if the motherboard fails, you lose all your data. If they needed to replace the motherboard, we would have lost all our data.
  2. The “black screen with a cursor issue”. The technician said that it didn’t work with an external monitor because I didn’t set it to mirror mode. However when the screen was fixed, it worked fine with an external monitor.