Moving from playing to creating in Minecraft

Published: Wednesday, Mar 13, 2024 Last modified: Monday, Jul 15, 2024

After jumping the hurdle of getting Microsoft accounts for my children, and buying Minecraft on every conceivable platform 🤑, I’ve noticed my son wants to Mod, aka modify the game.

Command block in Minecraft

I see my son loves the command block and the repeat block. He’s been watching videos on YouTube and I’ve been helping him with the syntax.

Storing his work

He mostly plays between the Xbox and the Switch. Since the Switch can’t network without Nintendo online and the Xbox can’t network without Xbox live, we settled on using the Xbox for networked / social play.

However when he creates his worlds on Xbox, there doesn’t appear a robust way to save the world.

I tried using https://github.com/itzg/docker-minecraft-bedrock-server/issues/398, but that has an issue whereby the command blocks don’t work.


My son loves building and I am scratching my head thinking how to encourage him.

Does https://education.minecraft.net/ help?