Published: Monday, Jun 8, 2009 Last modified: Sunday, Jun 9, 2024

After setting up CUPS-PDF for testing Webconverger, I realised I could print from various browsers and compare their postscript output.

Once I had the PDF, I converted them to PNG and uploaded them to a Web browser print out shootout set.

for i in *.pdf; do convert $i $(basename $i .pdf).png; done

And the winner is ?

I really expected it to be PrinceXML which is not really a Web browser. PrinceXML actually a piece of software designed to make a Web page look great on paper.

Prince 6.0r8-0

But in truth, I though it did a bad job keeping everything on one page and of the first input field.

I was particularly impressed by Apple’s Safari 3.2.1’s output:

Safari 3.2.1

I think I might have unfairly screwed up printing to my CUPS server from WinXP. I used Adobe’s postscript driver btw. Hence the black and white versions from:

Look a bit lack lustre.

Next I should probably use a test that uses CSS print profile. Here I expect to really hardcopy some ass.