My fears with the agile development methodology

A critical look at agile and can it be better?

Published: Tuesday, Aug 24, 2021 Last modified: Sunday, Jun 9, 2024


The “waterfall” or “mini-waterfall”.

Traditional development

Characterised by stressing deadlines and deliverables. I think it makes sense in non-creative pursuits. I.e. waterfall makes sense when you are rolling out a shrink wrapped solution like $softwareProduct in a fixed time frame.

Perhaps you should call yourself a system integrator?

Agile, aka embracing change

Read the which is short and up there in quality with the US constitution.

TW style agile

The above diagram is of course based on an Awesome client relationship, though an agile team can follow the same practices.

The irony of my experience with “agile” is that despite Individuals and interactions over processes and tools there is a lot of process and weekly delivery iterations that can be quite stressful when things go wrong.

When does “agile” go wrong imo?


Science is about critical thinking and I want to apply that to Agile Software Development. My fear as a consultant is walking a tightrope of having structure and process, without having the bravery or openness to test the dogma. I don’t want to fool myself, and deliver Emperor’s New Clothes.

For me, agile works wonders when it doesn’t go wrong. If you think of better points or points I got wrong or overstated, do please let me know. The blog is very much open to change!