Apple Weight Scale

Impressions of the Withings WBS06-WHITE-ALL-GC BMI Wi-fi Scale

Published: Sunday, Aug 22, 2021 Last modified: Friday, May 24, 2024


My goal is to track my weight in the Health app of my Apple IOS iPhone device. I guess I have achieved that:

Weight in the Health app

… though at what cost?

I threw out a perfectly good scale non-IoT scale for this 100SGD scale from Withings, or is it Nokia? No Nokia branding to be found inside.

The unboxing process including attaching some feet that slip around my wooden parquet flooring, so my first impression was WTF? How do I stop it slipping around!?

Then to get it working, I had to install a non-Apple “Health Mate” App and update it, which took about 15 minutes of my life. God knows why I have to sign up for a Withings account, and then click through the sharing of all my health data with Withings to seemingly get this to work?

So now the train wreck of Withing’s Health Mate must know all my health data (steps and what not) from Apple in order to upload my weight measurements to Apple. What the fuck?

Now my wife is asking, does she have to install the Withing’s Health Mate app and also trade all her health data with a third party to track her weight?