Lumix GH5 to Alpha A7 IV

Notes on my Pansonic GH5 to Sony ILCE-7M4 upgrade

Published: Sunday, Apr 17, 2022 Last modified: Monday, Aug 8, 2022

Image quality and autofocus is amazing compared to the GH5.

The USB capture device is wonderful. No need for a seperate capture card.

I love how you can charge the Sony battery via USB-C.

Steady shot

Stabilisation is not as good as the GH5.

Perhaps the lens SEL20F18G is missing stabilisation??

Menu / playback is confusing, the GH5 is actually much more usable. Just probably takes some getting used to.

No way to delete all images (barring protected ones)

I was hoping to have a workflow where I protect images and then delete ones all the other I don’t care for. This suprisingly is not possible.

When Continuous Shooting (wowser, I feel pro!), you can protect and delete as a group, so it’s workable.

You could also take video and produce a still from it.

Imaging Edge

Still a poor experience but a little better than the GH5’s “Panasonic Image App”.

I can’t quite work how to Remote shoot without this weird bluetooth / Direct wifi dance. The camera is connected to my home’s wifi and so is my phone, why is this such a nightmare?

struggling to connect

UPDATE: I think WiFi connections are only use in the PC Remote functionality

4k 60fps

I can’t seem to get this working!

Do I need to upgrade the SD card …

I’m also dissapointed that S&Q 1fps 4k recording also seems to require a faster SD card!

for 1fps recording!? 🤦