Lumix GH5 to Sony Alpha A7 IV

Notes on my Pansonic GH5 to Sony ILCE-7M4 upgrade

Published: Sunday, Apr 17, 2022 Last modified: Monday, Apr 8, 2024

Image quality and autofocus is amazing compared to the GH5.

The USB capture device is wonderful. No need for a seperate capture card.

I love how you can charge the Sony battery via USB-C.

Steady shot

Stabilisation is not as good as the GH5. Steady shot must be set as Active and you can get better results if you stabilise the clip with Catalyst Browse. However it takes ~20 minutes easily on a 5 minute clip to render!

Perhaps the lens SEL20F18G is missing stabilisation??

Menu / playback is confusing, the GH5 is actually much more usable. Just probably takes some getting used to.

No way to delete all images (barring protected ones)

I was hoping to have a workflow where I protect images and then delete ones all the other I don’t care for. This suprisingly is not possible.

When Continuous Shooting (wowser, I feel pro!), you can protect and delete as a group, so it’s workable.

You could also take video and produce a still from it.

Imaging Edge

Still a poor experience but a little better than the GH5’s “Panasonic Image App”.

I can’t quite work how to Remote shoot without this weird bluetooth / Direct wifi dance. The camera is connected to my home’s wifi and so is my phone, why is this such a nightmare?

struggling to connect

UPDATE: I think WiFi connections are only use in the PC Remote functionality

4k 60fps

I can’t seem to get this working!

Do I need to upgrade the SD card …

I’m also dissapointed that S&Q 1fps 4k recording also seems to require a faster SD card!

for 1fps recording!? 🤦