Screen - enhancing the power of the console

Published: Wednesday, Dec 26, 2007 Last modified: Friday, May 24, 2024

Screen is a very very cool console enhancement, which allows you to create new windows, flip between them and best of all detach and reattach all of them! Why is that so damn cool? I will tell you why. To me I can now have this nice warm fuzzy feeling that the processes are safe, and just how I left them. The keys I typically use while running it are, “ctrl-a c” to create a new window. “ctrl-a space” to flip between my windows and “ctrl-a ctrl-d” to detach screen. screen -R reattach to a session. Screen is a lifesaver if a program does not background well or you have a dodgy net connection, and it works very well with irssi. Hmmm, lets revise the earlier tip to:

ssh myreliableremoteshell -t screen -R

23:05 < Robot101> another handy tip for screen
23:05 < Robot101> 'screen -x' lets you attatch to the same screen more than once
23:06 < Robot101> I use it for helping people remotely, so they can see what I'm doing or vice versa