Using the Ion window manager notes

Published: Wednesday, Dec 26, 2007 Last modified: Monday, Apr 8, 2024

Copy in the files from /etc/X11/ion2 to your homedir:

$ tree .ion2/


|-- default-session--0

|   |-- query_history.lua

|   `-- workspaces.lua

|-- dock.lua

|-- ion-bindings.lua

`-- ion.lua

1 directory, 5 files

Then edit there. default-session–0 seems to be maintained by Ion. But this is precarious on my system, because I always sudo init 0 to shut down and I don’t think it has the opportunity to save my settings. In: /home/hendry/.ion2/default-session–0/workspaces.lua amongst some awful syntax is some “WIonWS”. I named the last one I saw “web”. In ~/.ion2/ion.lua I added the winprop:

winprop {
class = "Firefox-bin",
instance = "Gecko",
target = "web"


I got the class and instance settings by running in a nearby frame from uxterm (alt+k s for vsplit):

$ xprop WM_CLASS

Then selecting my running browser, where it will spit out these important values = instance, class variables for use in Ion’s winprop.

WM_CLASS(STRING) = "Gecko", "Firefox-bin"

Then I made an ~/.xsession with:

/usr/bin/mozilla-firefox &

x-terminal-emulator -e screen &

exec x-window-manager

I tried stuff ~/xinitrc(what about ~/.xclients ??), but it didn’t work for some reason. Now when I log in, firefox is loaded. I don’t have to waste 10 seconds of my life everytime I log in!! See my configs here: Shortcuts refcard:

alt+s split

alt+k s vsplit

alt+ left or right cursors pgup/pgdown between workspaces(WS)

alt+tab toggle between frame in WS

TODO: How to name and show name WS Get UXTERM to start nicely Copy pwd from menu? Understand WS - Frame - Window - Dock +append WS screenshot