UPDATE: I know just use del.icio.us ! http://del.icio.us/hendry I use several machines. I have put my .mozilla in subversion so I can check it out and commit changes on any of the machines I use. In plain english when I move between machines my bookmarks are the same. I found the following files to meet my needs:

bilbo:~$ rm -rf .mozilla/

bilbo:~$ svn update

A  .mozilla

A  .mozilla/default

A  .mozilla/default/ack41g03.slt

A  .mozilla/default/ack41g03.slt/70572827.s

A  .mozilla/default/ack41g03.slt/cookies.txt

A  .mozilla/default/ack41g03.slt/prefs.js

A  .mozilla/default/ack41g03.slt/70706990.w

A  .mozilla/default/ack41g03.slt/bookmarks.html

A  .mozilla/appreg

Most of the information about the files can be found here: http://www.mozilla.org/start/1.4/faq/profile.html#backup I find you need to also have the binary file .mozilla/appreg in there otherwise it asks to convert the profile and hence lose everything. It looks like it contains info about the bizarre SALT directory.


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