Published: Wednesday, Dec 26, 2007 Last modified: Monday, Jul 15, 2024

IE is stagnated indefinitely the idea is that we get market share then break back compat. in the meantime, while they still have more than 10% or the market, we have to be compatible with them or nobody will pay us any attention. at least that’s what it looks like based on the reaction xhtml, svg, etc, have had. This is done with an HTC. Or HTML COMPONENT. Which is a piece of javascript that can be referenced in the webpage for IE users to download. authors would have to put a line in their page saying to download the HTC. See: http://dean.edwards.name/IE7/

20:12 <@Xiven> and would this file be downloaded by all browsers (thus increasing the page load time considerably) or would you somehow only apply it to IE?

20:12 <@Hixie> Xiven: only to IE

20:19 <@Xiven> and what will this be called?

20:19 <@Hixie> web forms 2

20:19 <@Hixie> or HTML5

20:19 <@Hixie> who knows

20:20 <@Xiven> and will you be extending XHTML in a similar way or is this an HTML-only thing?

20:20 <@Hixie> Xiven: both are done simultaneously

(XHTML and HTML get treated the same way by browsers) Q: but m$ might patch IE to break the script functionality? A:if they broke this they would break thousands of pages nobody does SGML, everybody does TAG SOUP. writing a browser that can browse the web is a hundred+ man-year job. HTML+CSS+ECMAScript+DOM+HTTP etc The parsing of the markup is a fraction of the work, probably less than 10%. but isn’t XML needed for a lot of other magic to work? like XSLT? server side transformation is useful in some cases(perl, ruby, python, php, template toolkit, XML::DOM, STSS, whatever), not XSLT client side. Does RDF semantics suck?

20:33 <@Hixie> draq: if you mean RDF world, then, i think it'll never take off, because RDF doesn't provide users with immediate satisfaction the way that HTML does.

the real semantic web will lie in natural language processing what about SVG? mozilla and opera will support it, in time Adobe plugin which works right now does not support inline.