Scientific Writing

Published: Wednesday, Dec 26, 2007 Last modified: Sunday, Jun 9, 2024

Use past tense. “related issues are discussed below” instead of “related issues will be discussed below” Never use future tense.

[1] treat cites like parathesis. (Hendry 2004)

Bad style: Fact that …

and improved - implies seperation and of improve - parallel structure

should be used -> require

Comparisons. Some is better THAN …

Define terms the first time they’re used.

“Perhaps possible” -> might

If … THEN (else the sentence is fractured)

First sentence of paragraph defines the topic or idea. Rest is an amplification and/or example.

Be careful of STRAW MAN. (I personally find this so bloody tempting) “but this approach is unlikely to be successful” -> “but our experience suggests that this approach is unlikely to be successful”

Beware of analogies in Computer Science. They RARELY ever work! Don’t do it!

Direct voice : “We can not prove…”

Avoid artificial terms like “utilize” and “perform”.

One idea per sentence. Simple, logical organization Use short words Use short sentences, with simple structure. Keep paragraphs short, but not uniform sized. Omit anything unneccessary. Be specific, not vague.