Sales proceedure is as follows

  1. Identify need (perceived or hidden) agree the need. Hidden means they had not realised that such a need existed and could be fulfilled aka the world wide web/net. before ir was a fact, who would have seen the need or indeed identified it.
  2. Set out features of your proposal to meet the identified need.
  3. Detail the benefits of yourproposal to the perspective purchaser.

Remember that features sell nothing but benefits do.

You can tell if its a feature if you can say "so what" to a proposal. for example, the gear stick is walnut ; so what? whats the benefits? So, you will have features of your programme that do not have obvious benefits to the hoi poloi, so you need to think through very carefully the benefits of each part of your programme and turn them into selling points. So, the feature is X and the benefits are Y. Do they meet your needs either now or in the future? etc.

Bonne Chance


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