Traverses the minidom tree and prints out the text nodes.
from StringIO import StringIO
import xml.dom.minidom as dom
import sys
def xmltotxt(node, indentationLevel=0):
    print indentationLevel * ' ' + 'TAG:' + node.tagName
    #print node.firstChild.data
    for child in node.childNodes:
        if child.nodeType == child.TEXT_NODE:
            print child.data
        if child.nodeType == dom.Node.ELEMENT_NODE:
            xmltotxt(child, indentationLevel+4)
if __name__ == '__main__':
    # My XML was missing a doctype reference which the parser needs...
    dtd = '/home/hendry/inex/inex-1.4/dtd/xmlarticle.dtd'
    front = '\n\n' % dtd
    file = open(sys.argv[1])
    # ... and is added to the front of the article
    article = front + file.read()
    doc = dom.parse(StringIO(article))


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