SVK notes

Published: Wednesday, Dec 26, 2007 Last modified: Sunday, Jun 9, 2024

Here’s a good overview:

svk mirror //django/trunk

svk sync //django/trunk

Checked out the mirror of the original

svk checkout //django/trunk ~/svn/django

Commits immediately go upstream! Eeek, you need to have a local copy. Make a local copy

svk cp //django/trunk //django/local

Now in order to work on the local:

svk switch //django/local

Now you can commit!

frodo$ svk info

Checkout Path: /home/hendry/svn/django

Depot Path: //django/local

Revision: 78

Copied From: /django/trunk, Rev. 76

Merged From: /django/trunk, Rev. 76

Now how about propagating a change upstream? LONG WAY First check:

svk smerge -C //depot/local //depot/trunk

Ok lets merge local changes in the ANCHOR of the original:

svk smerge -l //depot/local //depot/trunk

And sync:

svk sync //depot/trunk

Upstream may have changes, so merge again to my local copy

svk smerge -m '' //depot/trunk //depot/local

Update my working directory in ~/svn/django or where ever.

svk update

SHORT WAY Go upsteam

svk push

Get upsteam

svk pull