At time of writing:

  • webkit2gtk (2.6.5-1) is webkit2 (current in Archlinux) - UA Safari/601.1 - 2.8.0 is current at
  • webkitgtk2 (2.4.8-1) is webkit1 (not actively maintained since 2014) - UA Safari/537.15

Unfortunately the current version (early 2015) of surf is built against the older webkit1 / webkitgtk2 API. There is a newer port git:// however it has some issues:

  • on asynchronous stuff, occasionally it hangs up
  • Also it leaks memory on webthings (don't really know which ones) related to JS

Blink AFAIK is not packaged by any distribution as yet. I don't know why.

I've discovered the gst-omx optimised for smooth playback of videos on the Raspberry PI build of Webkit is only available against webkit2.


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