SAP-C01 AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional scrap book

Notes whilst preparing for a certification

Published: Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020 Last modified: Monday, May 27, 2024

Design for Organizational Complexity


Sub-domain: cross-account authentication and access strategies

Active directory options

Gateway differences

Sub-domain: Networks

VPN connection types

Sub-domain: multi-account AWS environments

New solutions

Sub-domain: security requirements and controls

SWF takes an awful lot of code to make it work well.

Sub-domain: deployment strategies for business requirements

Migration planning

Cost control

Enforce tags with AWS Config.

Improving Architectures

Sub-domain: troubleshooting solution architectures

CW Events != Alarms

Sub-domain: operational excellence

Sub-domain: improve reliability

The operational continium

Sub-domain: improving performance

Sub-domain: improving security

Sub-domain: improving deployment

Who is Mike? @BlaineSundrud AWS instructor explains the "security onion" ... I think 😂

— Kai Hendry (@kaihendry) February 28, 2020

Active-Active versus Active-Passive Failover

RPO versus RTO Backup/Restore, Pilot light, Warm standby, to Hot standby

The common cloud data migration challenge

Number of days = (Total Bytes)/(Megabits per second * 125 * 1000 * Network Utilization * 60 seconds * 60 minutes * 24 hours)