TODO tracking

Published: Monday, Feb 10, 2020 Last modified: Monday, Apr 8, 2024

Update: Thanks to I am now using taskwarrior, packaged as task in Archlinux.

I thought and the HN comments accompanying post to be very inspiring.

Then I was thinking what would it take me to adopt this style.

A shell alias

todo () {
		cd /home/hendry/wikis/
		hugo new --editor vim todo/$(date +%F).md

Trouble that Hugo removes the dashes of the ISO8601 formatted date. Also adds drafts: true. It needs to effortless to open that todo window.

The style

The author uses a compact markdown style to record his day:

2017-11-31 11:00am meet with Head TAs

But as you can see, it doesn’t look good in markdown. 🤦

Lacking calendar integration

The Prerequisite: A calendar really confuses me. How do I sync this with my Fastmail calendar?

It appears it is possible to sync with the Google suite, but I am using Fastmail!

Only one comment alludes to:

(Reminds me to figure out how to morph it into iCalendar files (and perhaps back))

yeah, that's a whole separate thing. caldav is hard work and the client libs aren't good. jmap calendar is much better, but jmap is still new and the calendar bits aren't standard yet.

honestly there's plenty of opportunity for some good cli tools if someone was so inclined

— Rob 💚 (@robn) February 10, 2020