AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Pro Preparation

Studying for AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional

Published: Wednesday, Jun 28, 2023 Last modified: Monday, Apr 8, 2024

Three years have passed since certifying the rather painful SAP-C01 on my second try. My certification has since expired and I thought lets challenge myself to DOP-C02.

I’ve given myself a solid week to prepare since I’m not assigned to a client project. Confident by the fact I re-certified SAA-C03 & obtained a 50% exam discount last week and with my SAA-C03 learning notes that helped me pass first time.


Get a FREE exam retake (if you need it) when you book your AWS Certification exam through Pearson VUE through July 15, 2023.

Lets checkout what Reddit has to say.

Bought the 96USD @adriancantrill learning resource, since it came recommended on Reddit:

And of course I bought TD Jon-Bonso’s Practice Exams:

I also have access to which I will use too.

Learning process

I like TD’s Review mode and taking notes for incorrect answers. I dip into Cantrill’s course as and when I feel like being a bit more passive / absorbant. I typically time box about 4 hours a day to revision.

I take notes on paper and then write them up on my blog to re-enforce the learning / memorisation. I’ve scheduled this exam for a morning 8AM slot when my brain is the freshest, after a good nights sleep.

Exam day 2023-07-05

I failed, with candidate score of 735, annoyingly I needed 15 points more to reach the passing score of 750!

This is like my SAP-C01 experience. 💩

Now I want to take the exam ASAP, but I am struggling to book with the AWSRETAKE code.

@PearsonVUE Hi, the first available retake for my exam is in the 19th of July, I'm happy to do the exam this week but I don't have a choice!

— Kai Hendry (@kaihendry) July 10, 2023

Some areas which I need to improve on:

Exam day 2023-07-28

Sadly I wasn’t able to use the AWSRETAKE code!

As we can see you scheduled the first exam which was partially paid for with a discount coupon and credit card. As per policy, no other scheme can be combined with this scheme. but you used a discount code, hence free retake scheme is not applicable to you.

Nonetheless I booked a retake with an older 50% discount and this time I passed! 🎉

782 score